Ken (Testimonial 1)

From the very moment you step into the office you feel very welcome. Jackie always has a big smile and always greets each and everyone by name. Dr. Lajom is very sensitive to your chiropractic needs. They are very professional and caring. He explains what needs to be done in detail so you have a complete understanding as to what needs to be done to correct your special problem. Dr. Lajom’s office staff is “Top Notch” always friendly and also greets you by name, making your visit comfortable and relating. Liz, Shelley, and Erica are very professional as well taking great care to everyones special needs. Ad I must not forget the office masseuse, Machelle. She is great as well! She will definitely soothe those achy bones. I can’t say enough about Mendyk Chiropractic’s dr. Lajom and his staff! They are the best! Bless them all.

Yen (Testimonial 2)

Dr. Lajom is an exceptional clinician. He truly takes the time to care for the patients. He is amazing and inspirational. I truly felt taken care of. There was not a moment my needs were neglected. The staff was helpful and everyone was friendly. I am amazed by the service. Dr. Lajom has a strong sense of morals and ethics; this practice is a symbol of his character.

Ramona (testimonial 3)

Dr. Lajom is very caring and kind. This is reflected in his work. He takes the necessary time to summarize and treat his patients. He is very thorough and also shares his input relevant to how I would feel. The staff is also very polite and caring, They are always ready and eager to answer questions or needs. Jackie is very helpful, polite and professional. She works the front office nicely. When my husband needed to call for me she was always polite with him. I have referred friends to this office and I would definitely recommend this office and Dr. Lajom to anyone. Thank you for helping me to keep on track. You guys are the best!

Testimonial 4

Dr. Lajom is the best chiropractor in the business. He is always very positive on life and takes the time to listen to me. I am sure he is that way with all of his patients. He makes me smile even when the pain says otherwise. I say always focus on what is good in your life and good things will come to you.

Testimonial 5 (Matt)

Dr. Lajom is a great guy. Where my injured back was concerned, that was not enough. Fortunately, he’s not only very experienced, but highly gifted in his field and the improvement I felt was amazing. Props to his excellent staff that is friendly and professional. I would never go anywhere else!

Testimonial 6 (Barbara)

The Doctor and staff here have been wonderful. They always made me feel welcome and important. They were always pleasant and genuine with their care. The receptionist Jackie is awesome. She always amazed me with her abilities to greet everyone by name when they walked through the door while answering the phone with a smile and setting up someone’s next appointment. Dr. Lajom always treated me kindly and he always paid attention to what was said because he would remember things on subsequent visits. Very professional and very helpful. This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I am more than satisfied, I would definitely recommend him and the office to others.

Testimonial 7 (matt)

I came in after I was rear ended in an auto accident. I felt pain at impact and some soreness a couple of days later. After being treated by Dr. Lajom and staff I feel much better and feel confident that they helped me in making sure that there shouldn’t be any problems down the road from this accident. Dr. Lajom and staff are very professional and truly care about your well being. Dr. Lajom looks to educate his patients and I am truly thankful for him and their staff.

Testimonial 8

Dr and his staff are the best if I had to pick a chiropractic office. All have been very cordial, sympathetic, and caring after my well being as a priority, mentally, physically, and spiritually. They are the best in their profession. The Dr and staff have truly put me first. Praise God. They truly are God sent.

Testimonial 9

Ever since I’ve seen Dr. Lajom for treatment, I started getting better. Each treatment session I had helped me a lot. Dr. Lajom was great and his staff was all so friendly helpful, and professional. Thank you Dr. Lajom and thank you to each and every one of your staff.

Testimonial 10

I’ve had nothing but excellent service with my doctor. I enjoyed the staff he has. They have given me a lot of attention throughout my visits. I’ve had satisfaction with this office.

Testimonial 11

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Lajom and staff now for roughly five months. During my treatments I’ve had the luxury to observe his day to day operations and staff at work. Dr. Lajom’s knowledge of the human body is phenomenal. He is able to pin point exactly where on your body you need therapy. He also is very personable and provided me with a great deal of flexibility and latitude concerning my appointments and therapy. Jackie at front desk should b e applauded for her work ethic. It is impressive that she memorizes all the patients’ names. This shows great effort on her part. Jackie the massage therapist has magical hands, she provided me with memorable service. As for the other staff, they all are very friendly and approachable. I also commend Dr. Lajom for allowing students to intern at his facility. The majority of the operation at Mendyk Chiropractic operates flawlessly. Although I would recommend the office hours to be extended so it can accommodate working professionals such as myself. Even though my therapy is over, I plan on returning to see Jackie for another massage.

Testimonial 12

Wow! Since day one everyone starting with Jackie who I first saw as polite was almost too good to be true. Everyone in the office is the bomb! They are very friendly and caring. 

Testimonial 13

The staff and doctor are outstanding. It was always a pleasure every time I was here. Staff greeted me always with a smile and made me feel welcome at a gaze. Dr. Lajom was very professional, he explained my pains and how he was going to help me. I never needed to ask any questions because he always explained himself thoroughly. It was always a pleasure! I highly recommend Dr. Lajom and his staff.

Testimonial 14

To who may ever read this testimonial; you are in the right place and in hands of a very professional doctor. Although this was my 1st time ever visiting such establishment this was a great experience. Dr. Lajom is an outstanding doctor. From day 1 he has been a respectful, kind, and concerning doctor who makes sure you’re taken care of and he gets the job done. Without a doubt Dr. Lajom will take care of you and that you will be greatly satisfied with his treatments for you. May you have a great experience with the Doctor like I’ve had.

Testimonial 15

When I first came to Dr. Lajom in August, I was in a lot of pain and I was very tight in the shoulders and neck. Since coming here, Dr has worked very hard on me to get me to where I am now. My pain level has gone down tremendously and I am not as tight. I am actually sleeping better at night and I am able to enjoy better days. Dr. Lajom is very friendly and professional. I truly appreciate the time he takes with me to explain everything and make sure I am improving. The staff is simply wonderful! They always made me feel comfortable and welcome. Everyone is so nice and it’s been a pleasure coming here. I would recommend others to come here because they would get great service. Dr. Lajom and his staff are the greatest!

Testimonial 16

Dr. Lajom explained well why I’m having neck pain and headaches. He cares about the conditions of his patents. He is one of the best chiropractic doctors here at Inland Empire I’ve ever seen. I will highly recommend Mendyk Chiropractic to all my friends. All the staff was all nice and smile most of the time, especially Jackie and Daisy. Thank you for everything.

Testimonial 17

It has been such a great help to be able to come in and know that once I leave here I will feel so much better and relaxed. The treatments have really helped me in relieving a lot of the pain and discomfort. The exercises recommended were definitely a plus and I believe it has made my recovery a much faster success. The staff here is the greatest. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone I felt would benefit from your services. Thanks for all your wonderful help and support in my healing process.

Testimonial 18

I am very happy that I came to Dr. Lajom for my treatment. He was always very concerned with how I was feeling and if the treatment was helping me. I have improved very much since I had treatment here. All of Dr Lajom’s staff was very friendly and nice to be around. I would recommend anyone to Dr Lajom.

Testimonial 19

My experience here at Mendyk Chiropractic was wonderful. The doctor, as well as the staff, was very nice and respectful. The atmosphere was relaxing and peaceful. I highly recommend Mendyk Chiropractic. The treatments were just what my back needed. I came with pain and left with relief and a smile on my face.

Testimonial 20

Dr. Lajom and staff are the best. I trust him and the girls and I’ve been coming here for over 11 years. I would recommend them to anyone that has had an accident or is just having back problems. I feel great today thanks to Dr. Lajom and all of his nice and helpful staff.

Testimonial 21

When I first came into the Dr’s office, I was having extreme back pain in my neck and mid back. IO was having trouble moving it as well and along with that I had bad headaches. Therapy helped me so much from extreme pain to minimal pain in a matter of weeks. It was also easier to move my neck around as the time progressed. The staff and Dr here are so helpful and caring. I loved how professional they are. Great work!

Testimonial 22

Best chiropractor that I have ever been a patient to. He is very attentive to his patients. I would recommend Dr. Lajom to anyone in need for a chiropractic treatment.

Testimonial 23

When I first arrived to Mendyk, I was in physical discomfort ranging from headaches to backaches to neck aches. Dr. Lajom and his staff took very good care of me. On the road to wellness, Dr. Lajom took me through a series of steps dealing with stretching exercises, massage therapy, muscle strengthening, and even helping with my posture. The willingness of Dr. Lajom and his staff are unbelievable. I was also impressed with the kindness of his staff, not to mention they were always playing my favorite radio station (94.7) I now feel stronger and more relaxed again. Thanks to the excellent care I received from Dr. Lajom and his staff. Finally I can sleep through the night in complete comfort.

Testimonial 24

From day one beginning with therapy, the office was very great and courteous. The staff worked with your needs and made sure you were comfortable. My experience with Mendyk Chiropractic was wonderful. I would recommend an individual to do this therapy with the office. Jackie, Erica, Licette, and Aracely were just wonderful.

Testimonial 25

I received consistent and good treatments that were a great help. My neck has improved as well as my upper back. The pain is way less frequent. Everyone here was very nice and Dr. Lajom is very caring. He has given me the good and the successful treatments and adjustments. I am happy for the wonderful treatments and care. Thank you so much.

Testimonial 26

This treatment has been a life saver. When I first started treatment, I thought to myself if I had only started this process on week one. I would probably have been done by the time of received treatment from Dr. Lajom. The treatment from the Dr. and staff was outstanding and professional. Had I not had this level of care and treatment from Dr. Lajom’s office I’m not sure where I would be today. From the hand therapy, back therapy to the physical exercise at home and in the Dr’s office prescribed by the Dr. it has help my journey to recovery tremendously.

Testimonial 27

I really appreciated the staff and the doctor. They were all nice. I like how the girls would explain what they were going to do before they worked on you. I love the fact that they all get along well and work and a team. The staff calls you by your name, and I like how they work with your schedule as well. The office is always clean and smells fresh. I’ve been to other office, and never have I been to one as good as this one. I recommend other people to come here. I loved the atmosphere. Thanks!

Testimonial 28

My experience at the Chiropractic care has improved my movement of neck and has relieved my back pain immensely. Before my movement of my neck was limited as was my ability to lift heavy things due to my back. Since I’ve started my weekly appointments I’ve noticed my neck and back pain slowly start to decrease. I’ve noticed doing my weekly therapy I’ve improved. My experience here was beneficial to myself and I enjoyed every appointment because the staff was friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you all, I appreciate it!

Testimonial 29

This experience has been phenomenal! Over the course of the treatment, I have definitely improved physically. The doctor was very thorough with the type of treatment he provided. The staff was very polite and generous. My treatment was great and I would recommend this doctor’s office. Thanks for everything!

Testimonial 30

My experience here has been awesome. The staff was great. Dr. was great as well. I felt right at home, very comfortable. I love how flexible your scheduling was that helped me in a lot of situations. I will miss this office. So far as treatment was good but I just wish I could of done it every day. It felt so good and relaxing at times. Thank you everyone for being so nice.

Testimonial 31

Thank you for taking care of my injuries after the car accident. I would have not known what to without your help. I am a nurse and I prefer not to take medicine If I don’t have to. Chiropractic care always works for me. Dr. Lajom is caring and always gives health teachings to his patients. All of the staff is very compassionate, respectful, and hard working. In spite of their busy schedule, they find time to greet patients with a smile. Once again I treasure the time I spend in his office and most of all, thank you for making my injuries feel better, I would definitely refer anybody I know if they need help with care.

Testimonial 32

I would like to thank Dr. Lajom and his working staff. When I first started my therapy, I was really hurting from my back and neck. As I was getting my treatments I could really feel the difference. The girls know what they are doing, explaining to me what was going to be done. They are so kind and patient with you. As for Dr. Lajom, he also would see you and ask how I was progressing. He explained what the next procedure would be. I am very pleased with the results. I especially liked the massage chair. It just seemed to know exactly where the area needed the attention. If any of my family or friends needs to see a physical therapist, I certainly would recommend Mendyk Chiropractic. Thank you for the super great service.

Testimonial 33

When I first came to the clinic, I was having severe pain in my neck and back. Doc masterfully administered his expertise in massage with great knowledge. He slowly cured my injured body to his fullest ability. I have improved so much since the accident. Job well done to the doctor and kudos to all the staff from the front desk to the nurses.

Testimonial 34

When I first started coming here for therapy, my neck, shoulders, and mid back was in pain. Over the past two months since coming here and receiving treatment, the pain is still there but not nearly as painful as the level when I first arrived. My first day in the massage chair was almost unbearable and now it feels a lot better and more bearable which tells me the treatment has been a success.  Dr. Lajom has been great and his staff is top notch. Everyone is always pleasant when you come in and they always greet you with a smile. I will refer my friends if they are ever in need.

Letisia Romero (Testimonial 35)

When i first came to Dr.Mendyk's office i was in extreme pain .It definetly inpacted my life becauseim a student as as a mother of two boys .My life consist of a non-stop rotine and I truly believe that the care I recvied here helped me tremendously in ensuring I get back to my fulfilling life as a mother , wife and student . the pain gradually dissappeared and now I am ready tobe pain free . Had I not come I know that I would still be in pain with limited movement . so thanks to Dr. Mendyck and hes staff they were ver friendly and helpful in atteneding and accomodating me and my schedule.

Marco Trillo (Testimonial 36)

Treament has been very helpful. I was having a lot of pain on neck and lower back and since i started treament i notice it helped me a lot with disconfont I feel a lot better thanks to treament recevied.

Alina Barbon (Testimonial 37)

I would like to thank for all my treatment , I feel great ! the staff has been wonderful. I appricate everyones help to recovery , I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Mendyk for being patient and very caring through all my pain. I would like to give a thanks to blanca and her other stafffor staying late so i can get treated.

Marilyn (Testimonial 38)

I remember when I first walked-in ,I wasnt able to bare the pain through out my body. Now after several weeks of therapy, some pain has been elimiated and now we are focused on certain areas. I'v been providednwith exercises that help me when i'm in pain at home andc in between doctor visits.

Jackeline Mojica (Testimonial 39)

Chiropractic treatment has helped me significanty. The injury to my left shoulder has improved greatly since I started treatment with Dr. Mendyk. My modility in that should has gotten back to nearly normal ,and though I still have pain it is manageable now. I am appriciative of the work Dr. Mendyck has done for me with my injuries. My right ankle injury has completely healed. My muscle pain in my shoulder has so improved greatly since I started treatment.

Margarent Covington (Testimonial 40)

Dr.Mendyk and staff have provided professional , chiropactic care on each visit. Asmiling and very friendly staff always words of encouragement,when not feeling one's best .High recommend Dr.Mendyk for any chiropractic care, you are in very good hands.

Jessica Hicks (Testimonial 41)

Through my chiropractic care , I hae seen extreme improvement in my neck and spine . My pain has almost completely sabsided and I dont even notice my injury any more. Aside from slight neck stifness I feel 100% better than when i first started comingto Dr.Mendyk after my accident thank you!

Antonio dimopoulos (Testimonial 42)

After leaving visit my pain and tension felt reduced signifcantly for a few hours. everyone at Mendyk chiropractic seemed to care for my healing which helped me stay positie during my rehabing.

Sandra Barajas (Testimonial 43)

Dr. Mendyk Thank you ! you have truly helped me with my pain nand have made me feel so much better . Mandendyk chiropractic has been very professional and has aid with all my pain / medical conditions I have been very happy from start to end. They have gone beyond every expectation that any patient could even immage. Thank you once again

Joshua Naggor (Testimonial 44)

My neck feels a lot better ,I have noticed my posture is better too. My mid lower back feel better. Overall I feel stronger.

Andy Vallarta (Testimonial 45)

Therapy clihelped me a lot to feel better. the massage bed helped me a lot when the doctor cracked my neck felt reakky good. I feel a lot better now , my neck doesn't hurt at all. Thank you doctor!

Jenniffer Villaneva (Testimonial 46)

I wanna say that Dr. Mendyk is a reall nice doctor , He is always in a good mood with a big smile on. His girls are alsoreally nice. Eveyone in the office is very professional. If I ever need a chiropractor I will defintely be coming here again.

Gina P. Platon (Testimonial 47)

I have improved a lot since i have been under care from this clinic and doctor. Im able to walk again. The office is very helpful and friendly and is gentle when treating. Doctor Mendyk has been a great help to my recovery.

Dennis (Testimonial 48)

I came here with pain in my back ,neck,head. I had several headaches with the pain worse than migranes. Through being treated here by DR.Mendyk my back ,neck,head pain has gone away. I no longer get the several headache. I feel that the treament that Dr. Mendyk has given me has resulted in the headaches going away and getting back into excellent health and being able to workout at the gym again. Thank you to Dr.Mendyk and hes staff!

Jeanette Arteaga (Testimonial 49)

The treatment I unerd went at Dr.Mendyk's office and home treatment helped me very much. I notice improvedment of the pain and the tingling sensation to my left arm. My neck and shoulders now feel back to normal. Also, my nevousness has improved a lot. I wake up feeling great and no symtoms noticed. My neck and left shoulder and arm have 100% range of motion.

Tribune Milller (Testimonial 50)

When i first came here i thought I was going to never get better. Because I wasin so much pain but after strarting my therpy I gradully startedgetting bettterthe pain started to go away and I was able to get mt strength back. And as of ttoday i fell much bettter and back to my normal health thanks to Dr. Mendyk and staff. The staff made me fell so comfortable everytime I visit.

Michelle F.Hawver (Testimonial 51)

The medical and staff assistance has always helped and been professional in everyway when I've attened my appointments. My strongest opinion with Dr.Mendyk and hes staff will always be recommended to other;s when neededfor chiropractic help.

Robert Valtervia (Testimonial 52)

My therapy at Dr.Mendyk was a lengthy but enjoyed and needed experience I found the help to my physical recovery professinal and adeglate, and all the staff took the time and effort to help me gain a positive recovery from my injury's I sostained from my auto accident without this therapy / treatment I would have not been able to retun to my daily normal functions/ activity's and career, the staff is highly motivated and skilled and most sincere and all this played a crucial role in my recovery.

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